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Double Layer

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  • Size125 * 180 * 17 cm
  • Weight3 kg
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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  • Unit Price 38000 KRW
    (38.0 USD)
  • Minimum Order Quantity 1 Pieces
  • Shipping CompanyDHL
  • Product TypeDox
  • Payment Card


  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

Your scenery must be more beautiful with "Double Layer" blinds.

Double Layer is the wood blinds crafted with the original paulownia which is the lightest and durable. 



Double Layer’s the biggest strength is more clear view based on the
slot’s space which is twice wider than normal blind, so it is easier to
protect your privacy and get a magnificent see-sight.





Double Layer blinds is?


1. the slats’ space that is TWICE as wide as any other blinds’  (50mm -> 100mm) 

2. FULL-PRIVACY protection & light control more delicately

3. Simple ONE-CORD system

4. Energy saving & UV protection

(Protection of furnishings from damaging UV rays)


6. Delicate light control

7. Simplest installation (15 min.)



Double Layer changes the images of the house and  

architecture into a high class, moreover boost the value of them.  

Let’s experience a preceding life and culture with Double Layer. 




We offer our original special blinds "Double Layer" with the best quality, service, and reasonable price. 




* It is available in various colors, materials, and sizes.

If you want custom order, please contact us. 


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Double Layer